Three Reasons Why You Might Need A New Furnace

Your furnace is at least 16 to 20 years old.

The average lifespan of most furnaces today is between 16 and 20 years. Ideally, you won’t ever find out the actual lifespan of your furnace because then you’d be living without heat until you get your furnace replaced. While age is far from the only indicator that your furnace may be reaching the end of its life, it is a good starting point for those who are concerned about the health of their heating system. If your furnace is pushing the envelope of a couple of decades, you should probably consider replacing it within the next few years.

Your gas and electricity bills are going up.

While some increase may be attributed to rising gas and electric prices, the age of your furnace is not something that should be overlooked. The older your furnace gets, the longer it will likely run in order to provide your home with the same amount of heat. By investing in a new furnace, you may be able to reduce your gas and energy bills, saving some money that can be put toward the new heating unit.

Your last furnace repair bill exceeded $500.

If you are looking at having to put more than $500 into your current unit or you have already spent close to that amount in repairs, its typically recommended to start shopping around for other options. Yes, replacing your furnace is expensive, but putting it off until its too late can cause you a lot more discomfort and a much bigger bill than your trouble will be worth.

Top Three Reasons For Heating Repair In Philadelphia

Top 3 Reasons for Furnace Breakdowns

When you’re in the midst of a Michigan winter, the last thing you should have to deal with is a faulty furnace. Furnace breakdowns tend to happen a the most inconvenient times, often for the most unpredictable of reasons. If your furnace has stopped working, there are a number of factors that might have influenced the breakdown.

Is your furnace filter dirty or clogged?

Every furnace has an air filter that works to prevent unwanted dust and pollen from being circulated throughout your home by your furnace. In addition to improving the quality of the air within your home, furnace filters are also important when it comes to furnace efficiency.

If your furnace is currently out of commission, and you are looking for a quick fix to the problem, try checking your furnace filter. If it looks dirty or clogged, clean it or replace it, and your problem might just be solved.

It is recommended to replace your furnace filter regularly to ensure your furnace is running at its best and to prevent a clogged furnace filter from breaking your furnace entirely. Inspecting your furnace filter monthly and cleaning it as appropriate can save you money on both energy and repair costs.

Is your furnace ignition / pilot functioning properly?

Depending on the age of your furnace and the type of furnace that you have, you may have a pilot light or an electric ignition heating system. Either way, ensuring that the power source for your unit is functioning properly is essential. With older units, at the beginning of the season, a pilot light may need to be relit in order for your furnace to provide you with the heat you need. One common reason for furnace breakdowns relates to pilot or ignition control problems resulting in intermittent function of your heating system or even preventing your furnace from outputting any heat at all.

To check whether or not your furnace problems are related to improper functioning of your ignition or pilot, find out whether your furnace has a pilot light or electric ignition and light the pilot or observe the ignition process to ensure it is functioning as it should. If you see a weak flame or the pilot won’t stay lit, this may be your problem.

Have your fan motors, belts, and bearings been properly maintained?

A final common culprit when it comes to furnace breakdowns relates simply to units not getting regular maintenance. When you fail to have your heating system examined by a professional on a regular basis, its the little things that can start to go wrong, eventually causing your furnace to stop working completely. If there is something small that just hasn’t been maintained, it can cause your furnace to overheat and stop functioning.

Maintenance issues can be harder to diagnose on your own, because there are so many small parts that could be causing your issues. If you have examined your furnace filter and your pilot or ignition with no luck, your best bet is probably to have an experienced furnace professional examine your heating system for you.

5 Things You Should Know Before Calling A Roto Rooter Company

These five things are of utmost importance in saving you costly mistakes, unnecessary frustration and headaches. Let’s get to it, you most likely are only calling a plumber because you either have a plumbing problem or you want to update some of the plumbing in your home. Here are 5 things to consider before calling a Roto Rooter Company.


1. Training and Credentials

Let’s be straight forwards here; most Roto Rooter employees have only completed a minimal degree of plumbing education. They are not provided with on-going training, and they are easily replaced by the next guy.

At Precision Plus Plumbing, our technicians are Master Plumbers and they are committed to receiving ON-GOING education and training.

2. Most Roto Rooter technicians lack in experience in the field(it makes sense since they have minimal plumbing education).You don’t want to be the training class for an inexperienced technician, or else you’ll pay while he learns. Guesswork should be settled in the classroom, not your bathroom. Often we have to “clean up the mess” for Roto Rooter technicians who were using customer bathrooms are their learning grounds.

Simply ask about training policies for technicians and strict hiring requirements BEFORE you invite a contractor to your home. With us, we know that we will “wow” you with our experience and knowledge in the plumbing field; the other guys, not so much.

3. Pricing Scams

Roto Rooter has a bad habit of reeling you in with one price and then shocking you cold with another. They may tell you the job will only cost “x” amount and then amazingly as their working the price has now tripled. Let our Precision technicians give you the full price up front, BEFORE we start the job.

4. Scheduling Problems

Roto Rooter is one of those companies that feel you have nothing better to do than wait around all day for a technician to show up. They want you to wait at home, on their time. Most likely they will give you a “ball park” time of 9-5. In other words, your day is shot while you sit around for the plumber. With Precision, we give you a GUARANTEED 2 hour time frame. There’s not waiting around all day for us.

5. Warranty Issues

If you don’t get a guarantee and something fails, you get to pay to have the same problem fixed twice. That doesn’t sound fair, but that’s what happens on many jobs we “fix” after Roto Rooter has packed up and left with your money. At Precision our warranties are like no other in the field.




Do You Need Heater Repair In Philadelphia?

Finding a heating repair in Philadelphia may be a bit of a curve ball, specially if you are left out in a cold and you forgot to check your home heating system yearly. Not everybody has a furnace so the reliable examination of a home heating system is an imperative for the tranquil winter season. With no heat in Philadelphia you may have difficulty to function or run any kind of a business. Consider finding the skilled experts who will deliver service and assistance with either a repair of the old or installation of the brand new heating system.

Get Your Heater Ready For The Philadelphia Winter

Heating repairs Philadelphia should be provided by the best and timely, before the heating system goes out permanently. Preventing headaches and saving a lots of money is a paramount of having those system serviced in time. The constant availability and variety of the custom made services is a sign of a good solid provider who is able to service, maintain and install all major brands of the heating devices and systems.

Emergency Plumbers in Philadelphia

Hot tapping is referred to as wet tapping. It is an easy way to tap proper into a water line while it is under pressure and add an additional line, drain the system or upload a thermowell or sensor. Most tapping machines have adapters with a bleed valve which will allow a pressure test having a hydrostatic pump to ensure that the tapping saddle or sleeve has a good fit as well as doesn’t leak.

For searching the certified Philadelphia plumber you can check involving yellow blog pages. From there you can find tens of thousands Sussex plumbing firms. This will help to you find and search over a great deal of Sussex plumbers to choose from. Other resources come in the shape of friend and relatives. May do ask you and your family for the references of certified Sussex plumbers. Produces help you with their personal references and with their experiences using a particular Sussex plumbing network. This can be a good sources to obtain the Sussex plumbers as you can easily have an inkling of the ability of the Sussex plumbers and discover their work done their particular homes.

Be ready for the plumbing work to be more difficult than estimated. Whether you are installing a shower, a sink or alternatively a toilet, possess a backup plan in case you or your family to help go without for a little while. Make sure everyone showers before beginning the work or arrange with family portrait member to let you spend the night if need be.

Plumbing Advice For Saving Water And Energy In Philadelphia

Is your toilet flushing at a slower rate than reasonable? Do you have a pipe that leaks just a little water periodically? Well don’t allow a small problem to evolve into a big problem. Speak to your plumbing professional as soon as you’ll observe something is wrong. That way, he could pinpoint the issue and do what’s necessary to repair it in an unbiased manner. It’s better to pay a little money now, as instead of choosing to having to waste a large amounts of money later.

If after using a plunger and a plumbers snake your drain is still blocked then it’s time to summon the local emergency plumbing for dishwasher to control you.

An efficient way to economize is decrease your plumbing needs. That isn’t to say you should start fixing the drains and pipes by yourself, but happen to be better off familiarizing yourself with the issue is before committing to a San Bernardino County builder. If you know what somebody as the homeowner, the particular plumber will follow law suit.

Emergency plumbers urge customers to place strainers on drain openings to catch debris that will otherwise clog the conduit. Further still monthly preventive maintenance can go way in avoiding blocked drains. Carefully pour a kettle of boiling water to waste to melt grease and fats. Every three months, run down the drain half a cup full of baking soda followed with half a cupful of vinegar. Allow mixture sit and fats a jiffy rinse by helping cover their hot the water. Taking care of your drains stops costly emergency plumbing complications in the longer term.

How To Prevent Costly Emergency Plumber Charges When Your Toilet Is Blocked

Plumbing problems are likely to make your daily life a bizarre. You won’t be able to carry out your household works in a normal way. However, you should solutions to these problems, you is going to get the service of plumbers in Philadelphia. With their efficient as well as high quality services, Precision Plus Plumbing can provide solutions to all the of your worries. Nevertheless, to get services of the top Philadelphia Plumbers, less costly go to Precision Plus. We will bring you through their top quality plumbing services and ask you out of one’s problems.
A good time speak to a plumbing expert is before you begin any work. The goal by doing this is to cut back the regarding time you put into a task that doesn’t work obtainable. Initially, this professional can a person to ensure the associated with any current systems or features goes properly and without any risk to structures. The process is often more in-depth than just turning over water. Things like ensuring sewers are protected and water lines aren’t damaged can also important.

Schedule your plumbing work in unison. Obviously, our natural inclination would be to handle issues since they arise, however assists to obtain every thing carried out at once. Even when you only have 1 noticeable problem, you can get a professional plumber to examine other offices. Most plumbers charge an hourly fee that end up being minimized if you find only one visit to your residence.

Finally, believe in instincts. A person have have a horrible feeling up to a particular plumber then scrap them off your opt-in list. If you sense that they aren’t being honest with you, by every means look for other plumbers whom you can trust.

Guarantee: Many quality Philadelphia plumbers will provide you with some kind parts or service full money back guarantee. This is a good sign that possibly confident associated with the services. So find out what their guarantees entail, and opt for the person that makes a person are well booked.