How to Get Reliable Philadelphia Plumbing Services

How to Get Reliable Philadelphia Plumbing Services

In order for you to get reliable Philadelphia plumbing services, you must be able to identify the qualities that make a good plumber. While there are many service providers who claim to be good in their areas of expertise, it is encouraged that you take your own time and verify these claims. Here are just some of the qualities you need to look out for in a plumber.

Qualities of a Good Plumber

Hiring someone that has been in operation for a considerable amount of time is always a great idea. This is because such an individual has probably had the chance to deal with a lot of projects and is therefore better equipped to deal with any matter that arises.

Another thing you should be keen on is the reputation of the particular plumber. Before you hire anyone, make sure you talk to a few people who have had the opportunity to use his or her services. You should only use the services of a provider that is highly regarded.

The next thing to look into is the amount the Philadelphia plumbing services demands for services rendered. It is prudent for you to hire someone who charges a reasonable amount of money depending on the project at hand.

Communication is another important factor to consider if you wish to get Philadelphia plumbing services and that is why you are advised to hire someone who can be contacted at any given time for any kind of inquiry.

Another Satisfied Gas Leak Detection Customer in Philadelphia

Another Satisfied Gas Leak Detection Customer in Philadelphia

Did the gas company shut off your gas to due a leak? Do you smell gas? Call today for immediate gas leak repair and gas leak detection service!

Gas Leak Services
Gas leaks are not to be taken lightly. When a gas leak is present the chances of having a dangerous explosion are just shy of certain. Don’t get caught off guard one day….take control of your safety TODAY!

Gas Leak Detection
If you think you have a possible gas leak in your home, don’t hesitate to call. Our technicians will come out with state of the art leak detection equipment. If a leak is detected, our technicians will be able to fix the problem on the initial visit.

Gas Leak Repair
Do you need gas leak repair services in the Philadelphia area? We repair gas leaks and will even inspect your gas line to make sure there are no additional leaks that could possibly get your gas shut off.


If you suspect a natural gas leak in your Philadelphia home, follow these steps: Gas Leak Repair

  • Leave the area immediately and call us at 215-748-7587
  • Do not use any electrical device, such as light switches, telephones or appliances such as garage door openers. They could spark and ignite the gas.
  • Do not use an open flame, matches or lighters
  • Do not try to locate the source of the gas leak
  • Do not try to shut off any gas valves or appliances
  • Do not start vehicles
  • Do not re-enter the building or return to the area until you are told its safe
  • If the natural gas ignites, let it burn. Do not put out the flame; burning gas will not explode.
  • If you are digging and think you may have damaged a natural gas pipeline, leave the area immediately. If you are using motorized equipment and can turn off the motor safely, do so to prevent the ignition of any leaking gas. Then abandon the equipment and leave the area. Never restart equipment until the surrounding environment has been checked and declared safe.

How to Find a Plumber in Your Area

Drain Problems In Philadelphia

When you need someone to work on your drain problems, it is essential to search for a competent and reliable plumber. This might be an arduous task that needs one to take time to research on the best service providers. It is essential to note that there are many plumbing contractors in the market; therefore, to find a plumber who offers quality services you need to be highly selective.

The first thing to find out when looking for a plumber is whether he or she is licensed by your city or state. All licensed plumbers must pass their written exam to prove that they have an expertise about their trade. It is also vital to note that not all cities require licenses.

A reliable plumber should have both liability and worker’s compensation insurance for your drain problems. Worker’s compensation protects the employees and the plumber in case of any incident that results to injury at your workplace. Liability insurance covers for damages caused to your property in the course of the project.

Before making a final decision on your drain problems, it is necessary to find out the cost of their services. A good plumber should charge reasonable fees for quality plumbing services. He or she should provide hourly written estimates for the project. Find out if there are any other services that you will need to pay for.

When looking for a drain problems plumber, it is extremely critical to choose the best. A plumbing project is a big investment that you need to find a plumber who will offer services worth your money.

Tips For Installing a Hot Water Heater

Tips For Installing A Hot Water Heater – Who To Call For Your Plumbing Emergency

When an emergency plumbing problem pops up, there is no need to panic. There are may emergency plumbing contractors that you can seek their services to repair your system. Unfortunately, the difficulty lies in choosing the most competent emergency plumber considering the fact that they are all over the market.


The plumbing industry has plumbers with different levels of experience in the provision of these services. To find out the level of experience a plumber has in emergency cases, you need to ask the  for the number of years he or she has been in this industry, and the number of clients they have served. Experienced plumbers are able to apply their knowledge based on their past clientele.

Reliability and integrity

If you have an emergency plumbing case with a hot water heater, you need to fix it time. By seeking the services of a reliable plumber, you are sure that the problem will be fixed in a timely manner. You also need a plumber who can be trusted when they come into your house. They need to treat your premise with respect and offer quality services.

Fees and availability

A good hot water heater emergency will offer quality services at a reasonable fee. There are some plumbers who will charge you more for emergency cases; therefore, it is necessary to look for plumbers whose prices are fair. The availability of the plumber is another thing to take into account. Emergency cases can occur any time.


An emergency plumbing hot water heater case can cause damage to your property if not attended to in time. You need to seek the services of an emergency plumber who offers services 24/7 to their clients. This means that you will be able to save your property when a plumbing problem occurs.

Guide To Finding The Best Plumber in Philadelphia

Guide To Finding The Best Plumber in Philadelphia

There are some important factors which when considered can help homeowners and business owners to find the best plumber in Philadelphia. There are many plumbers in any given city. Unfortunately, not all of them have the necessary skills, knowledge, experience and equipment to take care of plumbing problems effectively. A little bit of research therefore needs to be done to identify the best service providers.

When looking for the best plumber in Philadelphia, it is important to consider the work experience of different plumbers. Experienced plumbers know how to effectively deal with different types of plumbing problems. This means that the problems they handle have little to no chance of recurring in the future.

Before you hire any plumbing service, it is important that you check their credentials. They should all be registered and licensed by local authorities. They should also have a professional insurance policy. The cover can be either a group or individual policy. This will protect you from potential financial liabilities.

The fees charged by plumbers vary from one plumbing service to the next. Shopping around to compare rates is the best way to find the most affordable service provider. Fortunately, most service providers nowadays offer free quotes online.

The best place to start looking for a plumbing service is online. Most firms nowadays have an online presence, so you can find what you are looking for by searching the Web. It is important that you read reviews and customer testimonials before you make your decision on the best plumber in Philadelphia

My recipe for preventing costly kitchen sink drain clogged problems

My recipe for preventing costly kitchen sink drain clogged problems

 I am often amazed at what people put down the kitchen sink drain and it makes the drain clogged. While I would agree tha

t the garbage disposal is a wonderful appliance, please keep in mind that it has limitations.

Just last week we had a client call, and she was not a happy camper with her drain clogged!  How would you feel if  you were having company over for dinner, and your kitchen sink just died on you? What makes matters worse is that the problems were self inflicted. In the basement we found that a large section of the drain line was filled with eggshells.

Here are 5 things you can do to prevent kitchen sink problems and having your drain clogged.

1)       Do not use the garbage disposal without running water 15 seconds before and after you use  your disposal or you will end up with a drain clogged.

2)       Pouring grease down your drain is asking for trouble. Use a glass jar and trash can instead.

3)       Do not allow food particles with stringy consistency such as celery, and skins from poultry to go down the drain.

4)       Once a month pour ice cubes over your running disposal, this will sharpen the blades.

5)       If your garbage disposal stops working, try hitting the red reset button below the unit.

My top 3 ways to greatly reduce the risk of having a drain problem NOW, and preventing one in the future!

  • STOP putting wipes , or any disposal rags down the drain. I realize that the advertisements say they are flushable, we respond to at least 38 service calls a month that says otherwise.
  • Garbage disposals work great for clearing a plate, however they have their limitations. If you ask yourself “I WONDER IF THIS IS A GOOD IDEA “, that is a clue that you should stop. Never empty an entire pan at once. Be very careful with putting too much pasta, rice, and green leafy vegetables . Keep your blades on the disposal sharp by allowing the motor to grind up ice cubes on a monthly basis.
  • If your home was built prior to 1981, you should be using Biosmart for your kitchen, bathtub, laundry, and bathroom sink drain. Unlike acid based drain cleaners that create problems for your drains by destroying the inner walls of the pipe, clients who use biosmart do not call us for drain problems.

How to prevent Costly water leaks (part 1)

How to protect your home from a water leak

The first signs of water leak damage might seem trivial. But warnings like water stains on the ceilings or a leak under the kitchen sink can lead to real problems, like a weakened roof or rotten floorboards. A burst pipe can even damage your furniture and other personal possessions. Why take a chance? Learn where your home is most likely to suffer water leak damage, and what you can do to help prevent it.

Inside your home


  • Dishwasher – Periodically check for leaks under the sink where the hose connects to the water supply. Look around the base of the dishwasher for evidence of leaks, such as discolored, warped, or soft flooring materials, or water damage to nearby cabinets.
  • Refrigerator – If your refrigerator has an icemaker, make sure the hose connection is securely attached to the water supply line. Also, a wet spot on the floor may be a sign of a crimped icemaker line about to burst.
  • Sink – Replace deteriorated caulk around sinks, and check the pipes under the sink for leaks. A slow-draining pipe may indicate a partially blocked drain that needs cleaning.


  • Showers and bathtubs – Remove and replace deteriorated or cracked caulk and grout. Water can leak through these damaged sealants, causing stains or soft areas around nearby walls and floors.
  • Sinks – Check under the sink for leaks from water supply lines or drainpipes.
  • Toilets – Clogs can result from too much toilet paper or objects such as hanging bowl deodorants. Also, some chlorine tablet cleaners may corrode internal plastic or rubber parts, leading to a leak

What To Do If You Need Heater Repair Philadelphia

“How Often should your heating system be cleaned and heater repair Philadelphia

It is recommended by boiler and furnace manufacturers that your heating system be serviced once a year. During this time, the technician should perform the following:


1)      Remove chimney cap and inspect the base of the chimney to ensure flue gases are escaping properly.

2)      Check all electrical controls and wiring.

3)      Remove all dirt sitting at the base of the chimney and burner assembly.

4)      Make a visible inspection of circulating pump, pipes and fittings around heater.

5)      Watch pressure/temperature gauge and add water if necessary.

6)      Replace thermocople and/or filter.

7)      Inspect safety relief valve and discharge pipe for signs of leakage.

8)      Make sure shutoff valves, switches and thermostat work properly. If not, you will need heater repair in Philadelphia.


By having this type of service done once a year, you prevent heater repair Philadelphia and small problems from turning into expensive repairs, reduce the risk and discomfort of having no heat at all, and increase the efficiency and life of your heater. Failure to have your heater serviced annually by a skilled technician could result in equipment failure, severe personal injury or substantial property damage.


If you have hot water heat, and maintain it properly, you will get 20 to 30 years out of it with occasional heater repair in Philadelphia. Cut that time in half if you have hot air heat. Cut those numbers in half again if you do not get proper maintenance. If you need heater repair Philadelphia, call today!