Clerical and Administrative Skills Testing ... Examinees are asked to type numerical information using the computer ... Secretarial Skills . 1 I: ... an assessment of Microsoft Word and Excel 2002 skills, and a written ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST Test. How would you do on a typing test, writing skills test, office skills or administrative assistant skills? ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST PRE-TEST TRAINING BOOKLET . Administrative Assistant II Knowledge, Skill, Ability, and Personal Characteristic Statements Rating Results 1. A company that emphasizes certain skills, such as knowledge of Microsoft Office, Oracle or Crystal Reports, is likely to focus testing in those areas. Employers that use Criteria's tests to evaluate applicants for clerical positions typically use the Criteria Basic Skills Test (CBST), sometimes pairing it with a personality test such as the Employee Written tests are not sufficient to assess computer skills. Home Create Quizzes Online Test Skill Assessment Administrative Skills Test . ExpertRating offers an online Administrative Assistant Skills Test. Computers are a necessary part of doing business. This assessment is appropriate for all administrative assistant positions in any field or environment including hospitals, schools, law firms, corporate offices, legal offices, and government agencies. eSkill is the market leader in online skills testing, offering custom-made assessments to fit your pre-employment job requirements or training needs. Subtest 4 Following Instructions. Choose a test from the list. Secretary Tests and Administrative Assistant Tests Do you need to test your job applicant's admin/clerical skills? Subtest 2 Arithmetic. 23,150 Administrative Assistant With Strong Computer Skill jobs available on This test is available in both the Average Skill level and the Advanced Skill level. Administrative Assistant, Administrative Specialist, Office Assistant and Administrative assistant skills assessment tests help you make the right hire for your team. Hire Executive assistant using Interview Mocha's Online Executive Assistant Test. Prepare for employment tests, Pre-Employment tests, temp agency assessments, civil service exams, etc. Administrative Assistant Resume Sample. Applying for an administrative, ... Pre-test, train, and re-test for computer and office skills. Clerical Test includes a number of sub-tests including verbal and numerical reasoning, typing ,spelling, clerical checking etc. Subtest 1 Filing. This sample Office skills test has four sub-tests. ... Computer Skills Test Guide; Depending on the responsibilities, customer service skills, basic computer skills, and comfort with math may also be considered. Admin assistants give support to offices by organising meetings, typing documents and updating computer records. Based on O*NET SOC 43-6014.00, the Secretary / Administrative Assistant test includes a work simulation set in a Medium-Level Administrative context, Some Sample Resume Skills for Administrative Assistant. Amby's Clerical Test Prep Materials: Get ready for that test!!! Necessary computer-based skills also include the ability to set up and maintain email systems, file sharing systems, and calendars, as well as proficiency with statistical software, publishing software, and databases.